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„Information benefits through congress bags”

The behaviour of visitors belonging to different specialist doctor groups was examined at several congresses.

The results were almost identical:

  • approx. 90 % of visitors who received a congress bag examined the content:
    Information that was of interest was taken for further use.
    Information that was not of interest was deposited in the provided containers.
  • approx. only 10 % of the visitors deposited the content without prior analysis.


Congress bags have a very high informational potential, while keeping costs low

The information does not reach the addressee in the hectic of the clinic or practice routine, but rather in a phase of utmost willingness to learn.

Young clinic doctors in specialist doctor training – the decision-makers of tomorrow - who would otherwise be hard to contact by post due to them not usually being listed in purchasable databases, can also be reached with help of the congress bags.

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